EBike Service & Repair

We service & repair all makes and models of EBikes & Bikes

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EBike Service
Shop Rate $80 per hr

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EBike Repair & Service - We love EBikes! 
Need to have your ride looked at? Our professional service department works on all makes and models. Bring your EBike in for some TLC, a tune-up, tire change, brake adjustment, battery inspection, motor inspection, or electrical inspection.


Battery Diagnostics

Not getting the power or longevity from your battery? Want to know the condition of the battery? Bring it in and we will do a full battery diagnostic and tell you the remaining age life of your battery. 

Battery Diagnostics $60

Complete Service Plan $399

  • Brake Adjustment

  • Break & Shifter Housing & Cables Replacement as required

  • Brake bleeds extra, brake pads, brake cable and casing - additional charge

  • Complete Wheel Truing

  • Bearing Replacement as required - additional charge

  • Spoke Replacement - additional charge

  • Gear and Hub Adjustment

  • Drive Train Cleaning and Degrease and Lube

  • Bottom Bracket Teardown

  • Frame Detailed

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Standard Service Plan $129

• Brake Adjustment

• Clean and Lube Chain

• Adjust Headset

• Adjust Tire Pressure

• Check all Bolts

• Wipe Down

• Adjust Derailleur

• Adjust Rim Spokes

• Basic Wheel True

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GST, Parts & Shop Supplies extra